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ACP074 – How To Win A Scholarship with Administrator Mark Ducorsky

DUCORSKY-150x150Today you will get an inside view into the scholarship process. We created the Aerospace Scholarships Guide because many of you wanted to know how to obtain money for your training and career advancement.

When we started this guide we did not realize the large number of aerospace scholarships available but have committed to placing them all in our directory online. Many of you have asked for a print or ebook version of the guide so we decided to create an ebook for now with a printed version coming in the future. The e-book will be available for download to premium members who purchase annual membership and will also be available in iTunes and Amazon. Make sure you sign up for our e-mail newsletter to receive notification of the new e-book version when it becomes available in the next two months.

To help us understand the process of applying for scholarships and to give us an inside view of the administration of aviation scholarships I have with me Mark Ducorsky, administrator of numerous aviation scholarships. Mark is an accomplished flight instructor and business owner. He recently has been awarded the distinction of Master Flight Instructor of which fewer than 800 have ever achieved this status in the United States.

Mark and I discuss:

  • How to find scholarships and money for education and training.
  • How to apply for a scholarships.
  • What you can do to increase your chances of being awarded a scholarship.
  • What you should not do during the application process.
  • Why many scholarships go unused.
  • How many scholarships you should apply for.
  • What to do if you are turned down for a scholarship.
  • What to do when you are awarded a scholarship.


CFI Master Instructor

Scholarship of the week:

James C. Ray Glider Scholarship

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