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ACP063 – Private and Corporate Aviation

Tom-Left-Seat-604-150x150This week we welcome back one of our repeat guests Tom Wachowski to discuss Corporate Aviation, flying aircraft owned by private companies to transport their employees for business.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Hiring a non-pilot aircraft owner (such as someone who owns a Saratoga and needs a pilot to fly them places)
  • How does a corporation hire a pilot for a day, what is the rate range? ($250-$1500 per day depending on the size of the airframe)
  • Dressing for success and professionalism
  • Network at the local airport, get your name out there and be seen as a pilot
  • Finding a private pilot job could help you get ratings on larger aircraft as the employer upgrades aircraft
  • Using pilot placement services to find jobs
  • Don't be too cocky and act like you know everything, ask for advice
  • Remember that the person you are speaking to today might be interviewing you tomorrow

Scholarship of The Week:

Harrison Ford Flight Training Scholarship $1500



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