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How To Become A Corporate Flight Attendant with Mary Lou Gallagher of Beyond And Above – ACP060

BeyondAndAbove1Welcome to the podcast where we give you an inside look at the many careers in aviation. One of the more exciting jobs is that of corporate or private aviation flight attendant.

Some of you have contacted me and related there is much information on how you can become an airline flight attendant but not much information concerning corporate and private aviation jobs. Today I have with me someone who will help us understand the unique aspects of being a corporate flight attendant and how to successfully navigate towards a fulfilling and exciting career in corporate and private aviation.

Mary Lou Gallagher has traveled the world as a flight attendant and has helped hundreds of people “achieve fantastic success” as a corporate flight attendant through her school Beyond and Above. Today Mary Lou and I will discuss how you can successfully navigate towards an exciting career as a corporate flight attendant.

Mary Lou and I Discuss:

  • Hou Mary Lou developed her passion for aviation.
  • What is a corporate and private aviation?
  • Why become a corporate flight attendant?
  • The challenges and rewards of being a corporate flight attendant.
  • Some misconceptions about corporate aviation.
  • Advice if you want to become a successful flight attendant.
  • How her school beyond and above is helping people fulfill their aviation dreams of becoming a corporate flight attendant.


Beyond And Above Corporate Flight Attendant Training

Scholarship Of The Week:

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