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ACP048 – Airline Cargo Specialist and Revenue Management Careers with Jesse Ziglar

Jesse1We spend the majority of the time on this show discussing piloting jobs due to the highly specific training required and the large investment of time and money. But there are many other jobs in aviation which are challenging, lucrative, and interesting.

A large portion of the airlines revenue is generated by shipping cargo. Many of us don’t realize this but the hold baggage compartment under the airplane is not just for holding our bags but for shipping cargo. To help us understand more about how the airlines utilize the cargo hold and what careers in cargo and revenue management are available, I spoke with Jesse Ziglar. Jesse is a cargo specialist and revenue manager with a major airline.

Jesse and I discuss:

  • Why cargo is important to the airlines.
  • What airlines ship in the cargo hold.
  • The difference is between an all cargo airline and a passenger airline carrying cargo.
  • Opportunities for those interested in working with cargo or revenue management at an airline.
  • Salary expectations for the various jobs in cargo from handling to management.
  • Benefits you can expect at a major airline including travel.
  • Why he enjoys working with cargo and revenue management at an airline.
  • How his flying background helped him with his career.
  • The many challenges and rewards of working with cargo.


Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisors Wages.

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