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Airline Pilot – Stressful, Dangerous, and Boring? Episode 45 – Aviation Careers Podcast


We Discuss:

  • ATC Contract Towers.
  • Why airline pilot is listed as the most stressful and most dangerous job.
  • Is Being an Airline Pilot Boring?

Listener Mail:

  • A listener who wants to become an astronaut asks:  Should I join the Air Force and gain flight experience and then apply to test pilot school?  Is it possible to pursue a graduate degree while learning how to fly a MWS aircraft? 
  • What would you recommend is the best place to network regarding corporate aviation & Jobs?
  • I live in Chicago, any recommendations, or any clubs I could join?
  • Would a check ride failure impact my corporate flying careers?
  • Will employers still consider me for employment with multiple failures?  
  • A 20 year old Bahamian pilot would like more information on aerial photography.  
  • A 38 year old flight attendant with a charter airline wants to be a commercial  pilot. Given the time and expense involved, am I too old to enter this profession? How long would it take me to complete my training? Once training is completed, how many years would I have in the profession before I have to retire   
  • A Canadian pilot wants to know if there are scholarships available for aviation in Canada?
  • Does the excitement of aviation continue once you actually 'make it'?
  • Are you still as passionate about aviation as you were when you blew your tires driving off the road pointing out the 747?  

Links Mentioned In This Podcast:

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CBAA - Chicago Business Aviation Association

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