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Drones & Unmanned Aerial Systems With Airplane Geek Max Flight – Stuck Mic AvCast Episode 61

284179_5737Episode 61 is live and in living color with your favorite group of aviation drones - Carl, Victoria, Rick, Sean, and Len. We've got a special guest on the show today who's going to talk about drones and unmanned aerial systems. From the in's and out's of regulatory concerns to privacy and security, we learn nearly everything there is to know about this often-controversial topic of unmanned aerial vehicles navigating our nations airspace. This show is full of really great information and takeaways.

Grab a drink and settle in! Here we go.

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Cruise Flight

Show Notes

Bradford Camps Sikorsky WeekendToday we interview Max Flight, one of the producers of the Airplane Geeks podcast and owner of ThirtyThousandFeet.com. Max became interested in aviation as a child watching the space race and he recently retired from Pratt & Whitney. He prides himself on the quality of his website and podcast and consistently books high-profile guests. Max recently launched a new aviation podcast all about drones called The UAV Digest and he joins us today to answer our questions about all flying things unmanned.

  • What got Max interested in flying
  • How has Max helped others get started in podcasting?
  • How does Airplane Geeks change as hosts come and go?
  • How will unmanned aerial systems change the aviation ecosystem?
  • Will drones pose a safety risk to pilots?
  • Be sure to let the FAA know what you think about drones!
  • Can local authorities create rules pertaining to drones?
  • What are the privacy concerns?
  • What are some possible drone applications?
  • Will there be a job market for drone pilots?
  • When model airplanes become drones
  • What are the cybersecurity concerns?
  • Will there ever be pilot-less passenger planes?
  • How will sense-and-avoid work?

After Landing Checklist

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