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SMAC060 – Precision GPS Approaches, Midair Collisions, And Parachutes

Episode 60 is on the air with your favorite group of aviation insomniacs - Carl, Victoria, Rick, Sean, and Len. We’ve got the whole gang together!

In today's episode we talk about how Len learned something new at work in the past couple of weeks. Have you ever made a GLS approach? Learn everything you need to know about this new precision approach making its way to an airport near you. There’s also video floating around the internet of two skydiving planes colliding while the jumpers and one of the pilots parachute to safety. The co-hosts talk about their reactions to that video as well as what might happen if they find themselves in a similar situation including their thoughts on the merits and uses of parachutes for pilots and for airplanes.

So lets kick the tires and light the fires cuz it's SMAC time! Here we go.

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  • Centennial of Commercial Flight - January 1, 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the first commercial airline flight in the USA. This flight departed from St. Petersburg, FL for Tampa, FL in 1914 and was flown in a bi-wing seaplane called the "Benoist Airboat." Mayor Abe Pheil of St. Pete won an auction to be that first passenger and a Florida group is working to recreate that flight next year.
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Listener Mail

  • Gérard enjoys listening to the podcast to and from work in Ottawa, Canada. He tells us to try landing at CYRO instead of CYOW to avoid landing fees plus some other helpful information about CYRO. We share his listener mail on the air, PLUS, you can read it here: Flying to Ottawa? Here’s One Recommendation.

Cruise Flight

Show Notes

  • GLS Approaches - GPS-based precision approaches
  • GLS Grows in Popularity
  • Unbelievable video of two skydiving planes colliding
  • Are jump pilots required to wear parachutes?
  • How difficult is it to exit an out-of-control airplane?
  • What do you do in a midair?
  • If you’re wearing a parachute, when/how do you jump?
  • Cornfield Bomber - The pilot of an F-106 ejected after the airplane entered a spin, only to see the plane recover itself and continue flying on its own until it glided into a farmer’s cornfield with minimal damage

After Landing Checklist

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