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SMAC059 – Aircraft Salvage, Recovery, and Transport with @FastAviationFL

RecoveryEpisode 59 is on the air with your favorite group of aviation junkies - Victoria, Rick, Sean, and Len. Carl couldn't join us on this recording as he recently got MARRIED and was away on his honeymoon! Make sure to send a big congrats to Carl when you get a chance, we're sure he'll appreciate it :-)

We've got a cool guest today to talk about aircraft salvage, recovery, transport, and all kinds of other cool topics like growing up with some of aviation's legends. Not only does she have an amazing story and background, but she's also overcome some pretty difficult heath issues on the road to pursing her pilot's license. In fact, we are proud to also announce her recent completion of her Private Pilot Certificate!

So let's clear that prop and fire it up! Here we go.

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Cruise Flight

Show Notes

Special Guest - Rachel Payne - Florida Aircraft Salvage & Trasport (FAST) Aviation

Rachel’s dad was a pilot, so she was born into the aviation world. She’s been flying in one way or another ever since she could sit in the front seat with her dad. Rachel had to overcome several medical issues until she finally earned her certificate just a few months ago. She’s got time in all kinds of airplanes including Bonanzas and a Beech 18!

Rachel says she’s doing her part to keep general aviation alive by finding parts for people who need them. She travels from airport to airport dropping in to see what people are working on and if they need to unload any parts or airplanes. Rachel’s family has always accumulated airplanes. In fact, she built her 172 with her father.

When it was time to look into buying a car as a teen, Rachel decided to start selling airplane parts on eBay to make money. From there, Rachel’s business grew. She went to different people offering to sell their parts online. Rachel’s company also does airplane hauling. She’s been able to do some REALLY interesting flying with her job.

Rachel’s contact info:




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