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Flying The Ford Tri Motor and Landing On Roads – Stuck Mic AvCast Episode 58

TrimotorEpisode 58 is here for your listening pleasure and the usual group of aviation trainees were in the house; Len, Carl, Victoria, and Rick. Sean tried to dial in from the one of those iconic red phone booths while on vacation in England but we couldn’t keep the connection, so the show went on.

Today, Victoria shares her story of a recent flight in the Ford Tri Motor around Frederick, MD while accompanyied by Turbo the Flying Dog. We understand it was quite a thrilling experience and we talk about all things Tri Motor as a result including how you too can catch a ride in this historical flying machine. Following that, Len talks quickly about a recent forced landing on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago after an airplane made an emergency landing in the city.

Also check out the announcements and Picks of the Week for this episode. Now let’s get down and dirty!



  • Wings Over Houston Airshow – On October 26th to 27th at Ellington Field, Houston, TX come and enjoy static warbird aircraft displays and performances by some of the greats like Michael Goulian, Matt Younkin, Red Tail P-51C, the Jet Truck, Tora Tora Tora, and a bunch more, including Dusty from Disney’s Planes.
  • Airplane Geeks Episode 267 – Co-host Carl Valeri was recently a guest on the Airplane Geeks podcast! He joined them to talk about aviation careers, pilot furloughs, and airline hiring to name a few.
  • Polk State College Aerospace – Polk State College has achieved a great milestone by becoming the FIRST state school to offer a B.S. in Aviation, a degree typically held only by private college institutions. A giant congratulations to Polk State!
  • SMAC Audio Update – The MP3 only show in iTunes has been removed as we’ve recently migrated to a single audio feed due in part to some changes at Apple and so now ALL our files are MP3 and delivered through our primary feed. You can subscribe in iTunes or your favorite podcatcher to http://stuckmicavcast.com/feed/podcast.
  • SMAC Mobile App – The free Stuck Mic AvCast mobile app available on Apple and Android mobile devices has recently been updated and once again includes access to our YouTube videos. That and a slight redesign of the app are now available in your favorite mobile app store. Download it today, it’s free!
  • SMAB Blog Update – Our website got a minor facelift, a chin tuck of sorts. In addition, there’s a new blog post for your reading pleasure called Where’s Baldo September 2013 Edition. Head on over for a read.

Cruise Flight

Show Notes

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