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Integrity In Your Life And Your Career – Aviation Careers Podcast Episode 42


Today we continue our question and answer session with Eric Crump from Episode 41. 

Listener Mail: 

  • I always wanted to be a pilot but since unmanned aircraft have taken the skies do you think that computers will take over pilots in my lifetime?    
  • If I am able to get 500 hours of turbine part 135 time will I have a better chance of getting hired with an airline  compared to working as a flight instructor?
  • Am I crazy for wanting to 'go for it' in my 30's? Will the regionals frown on hiring me?
  • Is it a good idea to complete my training at a school with a guaranteed instructing job upon successful completion of training? The opportunity  includes RJ sim training, and possibly receiving a conditional offer of employment via their bridge program with a regional airline.
  • Can you recommend audio that can be used as study material while driving to work?
  • What is the best route after college if I can't get my ATP until 1000 hours?
  • If I go to college with around 130 hours how many hours would you estimate I would graduate with being a part time CFI junior and senior year?
  • What is the best route to corporate flying?
  •  Is this fifteen to twenty thousand much debt to come out of school being a pilot?

What is Integrity In Life And Your Aviation Career?

  • Being honest with yourself
  • Being honest with your passengers and your students.
  • Adhering to your moral standards and never wavering from  your values.

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