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How To Get Your FAA Dispatcher Certificate; Corporate Flight Attendant Jobs with ExecuJet Flight Coordinator Daniel Slapo – Aviation Careers Podcast Episode 40

DanielSlapo2What does an aircraft scheduler do? How do you become a flight dispatcher? What is it like to be a corporate flight attendant? What jobs are available in all of these fields?

I am excited today to have with me someone who can help answer these questions. His name is Daniel Slapo and he has had a varied and interesting career which has included all the jobs mentioned.

Today Daniel and I discuss:

  • How he became interested in aviation.
  • Why he enjoys his job.
  • What is an aircraft scheduler and how to become one.
  • What is a flight dispatcher.
  • The licenses necessary to become a flight dispatcher.
  • How to become a corporate flight attendant.
  • What are Part 91, 91 Sub Park K, and Part 135.
  • What a “normal” day is in the life of each of these interesting careers.
  • What action you should take now if you are interested in one or all of these careers.

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