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The Airplane Geeks Episode 267 – The Expert Aviator

AirplaneGeeksLogo200WideThe Airplane Geeks Podcast is one of my favorite shows and appeals to all those interested in aviation. I highly recommend your listening to the Airplane Geeks because every show is both entertaining and educational. Click on the play button to listen to the show.

In episode 267 of The Airplane Geeks Podcast we talk about airline furloughs and seniority lists, things to think about when considering flying for a different airline, the age/seniority situation and what that means after an airline merger. I also talk about how the Sun N Fun activities support and promote aviation. It’s not just the annual event. Sun N Fun radio broadcasts great interviews year round at Sun N Fun Radio.

The Episode's Aviation News Included:

David Vanderhoof is The Airplane Geeks Historian and his "Aircraft of the Week" is always interesting. Read more about David at in a previous blog post:

What Just Flew By! : An Airplane Geeks View Of Aviation History

David's Aircraft of the Week With A Unique Twist:

So you want to be a Historian?  Since David will be celebrating Thanksgiving with his family on October 14.  He didn’t want to leave the show without a segment so this is where you come in.  The Airplane Geeks are looking to have you write a 1000 word history segment on the Aircraft, Helicopter, Blimp or space craft of your choice.  Here’s your chance to get that airplane you always wanted that David hasn’t done yet.  So here’s the requirements:

  • A subject that hasn’t been done

  • Minimum of 800 words maximum of 1200 words

  • Provide your references

  • Proper Spelling and Grammar

  • Must be submitted to theGeeks@airplanegeeks.com by October 9th, 2013

For more show notes and more information go to:

The Airplane Geeks Podcast

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