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Coast Guard Helicopter Pilot Steven Vigus – Aviation Careers Podcast Episode 39

USCGphoto by SN Kevin BlandWelcome to episode 39. Today I have with me former Coast Guard helicopter pilot and Navy flight instructor Steve Vigus. Steve has a varied background and many interests including a passion for automobiles. I am really excited to listen as Steve takes us inside the cockpit of a Coast Guard Helicopter pilot on a rescue mission.

Steve and I discuss:

  • What it is like to pluck someone from the ocean saving their life.
  • His career path and how he developed a passion for aviation.
  • How he became a Coast Guard Pilot.
  • The various missions of a helicopter in the Coast Guard.
  • How he was able to transfer to the Navy as an instructor.
  • What it is like to be a Navy Helicopter Instructor.
  • The mission of a the helicopter in the Navy.
  • His advice to those wanting to become a helicopter in the Coast Guard and Navy.

Links mentioned in this podcast:

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United States Coast Guard Academy

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