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Aviation Careers Podcast Episode 31 – Inspiring The Future Of Aviation – Interviews From Sun N Fun 2013 – Part 2

Welcome to Episode 31. Today’s episode is the second part of the inspirational aviation career interviews from Sun N Fun 2013.  Sun ’n Fun’s mission is to preserve and enhance  the future of flight through world-class events while inspiring and educating people of all ages. To learn more about Sun N Fun please listen to episode 30 and read the show notes. I think you will find that there is something for everyone who is interested in aviation at Sun N Fun year round.

Before we begin the interviews I want to encourage you to sign up for our e-mail updates. Many of you have asked if I could be available for career counseling. Of course if you have questions please feel free to go to Aviation Careers Podcast and click on the contact page to submit your questions, but I do understand you would like a more comprehensive conversation. I have spent many years consulting and would love to do one on one with each and every listener but I have limited time and my consulting rates may be a bit high especially for those who are just starting out in their career. Therefore,I came up with an idea that will help all of you and be of a high value.

I am still working on a few solutions along with some books and videos that will help you move towards your career goal. To keep up to date on the progress of these ideas and to receive other career updates please go to AviationCareersPodcast.com and sign up for e-mail updates in the right column.  I also will send announcements on occasion to include who is hiring, new programs available at flight schools, and new financing options to name a few. I encourage you to sign up for these e-mail updates because I am excited to be bringing you this valuable information in the future.

This episode contains inspiring interviews which all who are interested in a career in aviation will enjoy. In these interviews we discuss many aviation career fields including : commercial airline pilot, flight instructor, mechanic, engineer, and management.

Most of the volunteers at Sun N Fun Radio represent many podcasts. In my case I was representing The Stuck Mic AvCast:  an aviation podcast about learning to fly, living to fly, and loving to fly. I encourage you to  listen to at StuckMicAvCast.com.

Now with that said, lets get started listening to some of these informative and inspirational discussions.


  • Al Thompson - Central Florida Aviation Academy - Al discusses the purpose of the academy and how students can apply to the school. CFA is a wonderful opportunity for those young people interested in aviation.
  • Elaine Larsen The Embry Riddle University Jet Dragster. Elaine speaks about opportunities for engineering students to work on the jet engine and the dragster through the Eagle Hire Program
  • Jamil Larkin and The Embry Riddle Dream Launch Tour. Jamil discusses all of the career fields you can pursue at Embry Riddle.
  • Jessica MacClinchy, Admissions Representative, National Aviation Academy - Jessica speaks about the aircraft mechanic school, flight school, financial aid, and job opportunities for graduates.
  • Marisha Faulk - Driver of Embry-Riddle Jet Dragster - Marisha talks about driving the Jet Dragster, her degree experience at Embry-Riddle, flight instructing, and her future plans for flying. Marisha is truly an inspiration and is an example of someone who has overcome many challenges and succeeded in defining her career in aviation.
  • Julius with Aeronautical Systems Engineering at the National Aviation Academy Booth discusses the advantage of using simulators for your training.
  • Wayne with Elite Flight Simulation Solutions discusses the various flight simulators and the advantages of simulator training.
  • Paul Cassell - Fedex - Donates a 727 to Sun N Fun as a training device from the Central Florida Aviation Academy. Paul speaks about the outreach programs at Fedex and the importance of the many different careers in aviation. In addition Paul talks about the great need in all aviation career fields.
  • Tailwheels Etc. opened a new campus at Lakeland Linder Airport - John discusses their new flight school and what they have to offer for the student looking into a career in aviation. You can also learn how to fly a Stearman!  Kevin Chambers talks about the new program at Lakeland and the pending pilot shortage, and their new financing program. John discusses how Sallie Mae is back in the aviation educational financing business. John also talks about basic and advanced Aero Camp.
  • Jim Sherman talks about Plane Sense and the career opportunities.

As you can tell there are numerous passionate aviators at Sun N Fun who love to share their knowledge about aviation careers. If you are interested in a career in aviation, Sun N Fun is a great place to start. They have yearlong events and activities including summer camps, museum tours, an aviation high school, and so much more. For more information about Sun N Fun go to Sun-N-Fun.org.

Also if  you want to hear some amazing interviews and prerecorded shows you can listen to Sun N Fun radio at LiveAtc.net/snf or click on the link from my website.  Sun ’n Fun’s mission is to preserve and enhance  the future of flight through world-class events while inspiring and educating people of all ages and they truly achieve this goal. Click here to read How To Listen To Sun N Fun Radio 2013.

Thanks for listening to Aviation Careers Podcast. If you found this information useful please help support this website by visiting our sponsors listed on the website.  Also if you have any questions please click on the contact page where you can send an e-mail or leave a voicemail.

I hope you have enjoyed this podcast and gleaned valuable information from these interviews. To be successful in your career goal it takes persistence and perseverance. I have faith that you will achieve your career goal!

Talk to you next episode and Safe Flying!

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