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Stuck Mic Avcast Episode 44 – Carl’s First Landing, Overcoming Training Obstacles, Trusting Your Instruments

In this episode we hear about Carl’s first landing in the Airbus A320 (caught on film). The Alton Bay NH Ice Runway is open and you can watch this Cessna Landing on the Ice Runway. Also we talk about overcoming flight training obstacles after learning that the student pilot who collided with an SUV recently earned his Private Pilot certificate. It all starts here!


FLORIDA-INTERNATIONAL-AIRSHOW1Florida International Air Show – Named one of the “10 Best Airshows Around the World” as seen on USAToday.com, this event is held in Punta Gorda, FL on March 23-24 and includes demonstrations and performances by high-speed military jets and acrobatic aircraft. Not to mention the static aircraft displays, kids area, refreshments, and more!

SUN ‘n FUN Radio – As you know the 2013 SUN n FUN “Spring Break For Pilots” event is coming up on April 9-14th! For those of you that can’t make the show in person you can always tune in to all that’s happening by visiting SUN ‘n FUN Radio on the web atLiveATC.net/snf and bring the airshow to your living room.

Cruise Flight

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After Landing Checklist

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