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Stuck Mic AvCast Episode 041 – Flying Resolutions, Tailwheel Adventures, and the 787

Glad to have you back for Episode #41! Carl has some exciting news to share about learning to fly the Airbus A320 at a new airline including some stories about jumping out of the airplane in his water ditching class. Also, we’ve had a temporary co-host restructuring – Victoria has been extremely busy as the US Team Leader in charge of organizing and assisting with Women Fly It Forward events throughout the United States that she needed more time to dedicate to those pursuits. While we surely do miss her spunky, ginger perspective on all things flying, please welcome our friend and listener Sean Moody as the interim co-host!

Listen in to learn more about Sean, how he got started flying, his background, and even his new volunteer position with Stuck Mic AvCast! We’re very excited to have him on board not only as an interim co-host but to help out behind in the scenes in an effort to assist us in delivering more quality content for your enjoyment. Don’t forget to Follow Sean on Twitter.


A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to the entire crew of Plane Crazy Down Under for approaching their 100th Episode! As fellow mates and podcasters we know what a crowning achievement this is and wish Grant, Steve, and the everyone at PCDU a prosperous future. In addition, co-host Len Costa will be visiting the Aussie guys in March for what is likely to be a memorable vacation in the land of kangaroos, Vegemite, and Coopers Vintage Ale.

In the spirit of Oz accomplishments, we recommend you check out theAustralian Airshow from February 26th through March 3rd, 2013 located in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. This event is a 2 part show consisting of the Trade Exhibition followed by the Public Airshow. If you happen to find yourself down under you should check out this event!

Cruise Flight

2013 Aviation Resolutions

  • Sean – Work on his CFI Certificate
  • Rick – Work on his Instrument Rating
  • Carl – Pursue a type rating in the B-25
  • Len – More GA flying including tailwheel time

Additional Show Notes

After Landing Checklist

~ Picks of The Week ~

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