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Aviation Careers Podcast Episode 011-Flying In China, Interview With WASINC President Dave-Ross

Welcome to Episode 11 of Aviation Careers Podcast. We all hear about the opportunities for flying in China but what is it really like to fly and work in China. To help you better understand the opportunities and the unique culture of the Chinese people I have with me today Dave Ross.

Dave is the President and CEO of WASINC and is responsible for all recruiting and business development for their customers in China. He has lived and worked in Japan and speaks fluent Japanese. His diverse experiences with contractors, clients and customers alike have given him some unique insight into the Chinese business environment and culture.

To help us understand what it is like to work for a Chinese Airline and experience the rich Chinese Culture please welcome Dave Ross.

Dave and I discuss:

  • The opportunities for pilots working in China.
  • What is contract flying and what should a pilot look for when signing a contract to work in China.
  • A specific example of an opportunity of flying in China.
  • The working environment at a Chinese Airline.
  • How to make the transition to living in China.
  • What type of person would be most suitable to working in China.
  • What are the greatest benefits to living in China.
  • What are the challenges someone from United States might encounter.
  • How a pilot can work in China and commute to the United States.
  • Recommended Reading Life and Death in Shanghai.


In the past I have assisted pilots in finding jobs using the services of WASINC.aero. The people I worked with are very knowledgeable and were willing to take the time with each individual pilot and answer any of their questions regarding working overseas.

One thing I like about WASINC is the fact they didn’t try to “oversell” our pilots on opportunities in China. They presented the facts and let each individual pilot decide if flying in China was appropriate for the pilot and their family.

Although the focus of today’s episode has been on flying in China, WASINC offers opportunities for pilots in other countries with a concentration in Asia. I recommend your going to WASINC.aero and seeing for yourself if working overseas is for you.

Recommended Reading:

As a pilot it is important to master the basics and have a good foundation of aviation knowledge. Certain books are must haves in your aviation library and the “Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge: FAA-H-8083-25A” is one of those.

Many times I receive questions from people concerning operating rules, basic aerodynamics, and weather. One of the sources I quote most often when answering listener questions is the Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge. This document is free as a download from the FAA website or can be purchased in book format. For more information and to view excerpts from the book visit Amazon.com.

I think you will find most answers to your aviation questions in the Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge. This should be in every pilot's library.

Thanks for Listening to Aviation Careers Podcast. I hope the information about flying in China has been helpful and will bring you one step closer to your decision about working in China. Remember to keep your eye on your aviation career goal and that your journey might be a varied path. Safe Flying and talk to you next episode.

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