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Aviation Carers Podcast Episode 004: College Degree Choices, Interview With Airplane Geeks, and What Color Is Your Parachute.

The majority of the pilots at the major airlines have a four year degree so to be competitive you should get your degree. Should you get a degree in aviation or in another field you are interested in?

This episode will take on a different format. Instead of having a guest I will share with you my guest appearance on the Airplane Geeks Podcast. We discussed many topics during the podcast and including information concerning job prospects and your degree choices. I think you will find the conversation interesting and insightful.

Before I get started I always like to begin the show with a readers question or some advice. Having helped many people find jobs in aviation one thing has always perplexed me. Why do so many people turn down flying jobs which will advance their career ? I have an interesting story where you can learn from the hardship of other pilots who turned down flying jobs that they felt were beneath them only to find out they can’t find a job anywhere else.

Let’s listen to my interview with the Airplane Geeks. We discuss:

  • Why I am doing the Aviation Careers Podcast.
  • The many jobs in aviation that are non flying and very fulfilling
  • Should you get a degree in aviation; a discussion with Rob Mark

Recommended Reading

What Color Is Your Parachute? 2012: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers

This is the book I read when I began searching for a new career. It has been available for many years and is one of the best resources for discovering the career path you should choose. Not only does it help you discover what direction to take it helps you along the path towards finding a job.

I hope you have enjoyed Episode 4 of Aviation Careers Podcast. You can reach me at AviationCareersPodcast.com, on twitter, facebook, or by e-mail. If you have any questions concerning aviation jobs please feel free to contact me. I hope I have inspired you to further your career or look into a career in aviation.

It’s time to start living your dream and fulling your career goal today. Remember every step is an important step towards your career goal.

Listen To Episode 004:

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