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Haim Aircraft : A Retro Light Sport Aircraft

During the Sebring 2012 U.S. Sport Aviation Expo I had the pleasure of speaking with a wide variety of aircraft manufacturers. One aircraft that caught my eye is reminiscent of the golden age of flight and is designed by Haim Aviation.

To listen to to my interview with Thierry from Haim Aviation click the play button bellow or download the interview to your mobile friendly device by clicking here.

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The following is the most recent press release from Haim Aviation with links to follow the progress of this prototype.

The Sam LS doesn’t look like the rest of the LSA on the market: The Sam LS from Haim aviation has a funky 1930’s retro look, complete with a greenhouse canopy and art deco wheel pants. The Sam LS has a retro silhouette but it’s a modern design. It’s a low wing, semi-monocoque structure using a 4130 steel protection cage, covered with aluminum. Designed to welcome tall persons, the cabin offers comfortable space to accommodate 6'.6'’ pilots in a tandem configuration with the pilot in the front.

Tricycle and classical configurations are available. The Sam is powered by a Rotax 100hp, and features a glass cockpit with a 10’’ Dynon skyview and back-up instruments. The Sam was designed to accept three different wings without any additional airframe modifications. This architecture offers the possibility to modify the aircraft's flight characteristics by simply changing the outboard wings.

We are currently building the prototype in our production facility at the Lachute airport in the Montreal region of Canada.

The Sam was designed compliant with LSA - ASTM standards and the Canadian AULA standards.

Its modularity makes the Sam perfectly adapted for leisure flights, long-distance flights as well as for short take-offs and landings.

The Sam LS will be unveiled at Oshkosh 2012. Introductory price of the ready to fly version will be USD135.000. The first 5 orders will receive more than $4,000 in additional equipment including leather interior, 600X6 tires, complete dual control system as well as a 7'' Dynon screen for the passenger.

Visit haim-aviation.com for more information

You can also follow the construction of the prototype on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/HAIM-Aviation-Inc/300315806685253

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  • Pete Zaitcev February 29, 2012, 12:24 am

    I doubt this can be made to work too well, considering how constrained LSAs are. If a pilot is in front, he is on the side of the engine. This means that the passenger must be balanced by the tail. This can only be done with exceptionally light wings, and not even tube+fabric can cut it. Note that Champ is balanced that way, and it is one of the heavier LSAs. Most likely outcome is going to be an LSA with severe limits on the passenger.

  • Pete Zaitcev February 29, 2012, 12:36 am

    Empty 810 lbs. Did I call it or did I?

  • Haim aviation February 29, 2012, 7:10 pm

    You are correct that the empty weight of the Sam LS will be around 810 lbs. the Sam is a big bird: Cockpit width 28”, wingspan 28.5′ and length 21.3′. We decided also to make it very safe: a 4130 steel cage protects the occupants, landing gear is beefy capable to land on grass, there is a large empennage to have a good authority, all that add up in weight, but also in added safety and comfort. Regarding the CG, tandem seating is more challenging, for example we decided to choose the 23015 airfoil because it procures a very good cz/cx but also offers very little pitching moment, which allows us to have a wider Cg range. We also have a front and rear baggage compartment to improve CG.
    Pete, our wings are not exceptionally light, but the spar is almost at the empty CG location of the Sam.
    Thank you for your interest !

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