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Recommended Reading – Images Of Aviation : LaGuardia Airport

Strolling along the Skywalk dressed in their Sunday best, the mother in heels and the father wearing a bow tie and properly pressed suit. The young man is holding his father’s hand while straining against his father’s firm grip, his arm outstretched to get as close to the metal railing dividing the bystanders from the elite class below. I wonder who we will see today says the little boy. Maybe a famous movie star.

I could imaging the excitement in the little boy’s mind as he stared in amazement at the sleek and shiny new airplanes. It was an era where traveling by air was romantic, adventuresome, and available for the privileged few. Bystanders at LaGuardia’s Skywalk would spend an afternoon watching planes and their privileged passengers line up and embark on a glorious journey.

As my mind came back into focus I realized I was staring at the cover of the next book I am going to read, “Images of Aviation : LaGuardia Airport”. Another aviation book I had to have and I highly recommend for anyone who is interested in the history of one of Long Island’s most famous airports or wants to relive the golden age of flight.

The book written by the curator of The Cradle Of Aviation Museum, Joshua Stoff, takes the reader on a journey through LaGuardia’s colorful past using historic images. From flying boats to sleek jetliners you will experience the past through Joshua’s prose and the wonderful images throughout.

By reading this book you will learn about the charismatic man this airport was named after to the trials and tribulations of having an airport this close to the city. Having flown to this airport I know next time I land on one of LaGuardia’s runways I will have a new perspective on this busy airport.I highly recommend this book for you or as the perfect gift for the aviation enthusiast in your life.

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