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Stuck Mic AvCast Episode #4 – Victoria Gets Her Commercial, Navigating Thunderstorms, & Ejection Seat Tests

Victoria returns from her 2 week long adventure to obtain her Commercial Pilot certificate to join us on Episode 4. Tune in to hear about her intensive flight training, how she contracted a flight instructor on a daily rate, and flew her bottom off to reach that Commercial ticket on her 7th day of training.

Other topics include:

1. Navigating thunderstorms
2. Thunderstorm avoidance
3. What to expect if you’ve flown into a thunderstorm
4. Learning about gust fronts
5. The danger of downdrafts
6. Windshear and low level windshear awareness
7. Co-hosts stories of thunderstorm encounters
8. What are you waiting for? Listen below!

But wait, there’s more! Listen in for our picks of the week where each of the co-hosts shares an aviation related product, service, and/or website that they’ve found to be interesting or helpful.

Rick – Martin-Baker Ejection Seat Test videos
Carl – Pappy Boyington Field, A Campaign to Honor a Hero DVD
Victoria – The Aviatrix Aerogram
Len – iPad2

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Listen to the Show:

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The Stuck Mic AvCast

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