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Pappy Boyington Field : The Struggle To Honor A Hero

Many times airports are renamed to honor a historic figure, important individual, or heroes from our past. When we rename an airport to that of a military hero we honor the individual but also in a greater vain all who served.

The heroic actions of Pappy Boyington will be forever remembered in the renaming of the Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Airport to Pappy Boyington Field. Most importantly we will remember the many heroes who served with Pappy Boyington, the heroes who served as Marines in WWII, and all those that have served our country.

Pappy Boyington Field from Kevin on Vimeo.

"Pappy Boyington Field : A Campaign To Honor A Hero" does an outstanding job of documenting the struggle to rename an airport in honor of a hero. The documentary depicts the battle with a reluctant local government, while weaving the story of the hero throughout the film. You will be taken back to WWII and hear from Marines who served with Boyington and listen to their own accounts of the historic Black Sheep Squadron.

Learning our aviation heritage is as important to me as understanding the technical aspects of flying. We must never forget our aviation pioneers and heroes. After viewing this video you will learn a great deal about the hero honored, the effort to rename the airport, and the organizations that contributed to this historic event. Watching this video spurs your interest to learn more about some fine organizations including the Marine League, and the Disabled American Veterans Association.

The television show, Bah Bah Black Sheep, which bears the squadrons name starred Robert Conrad. Robert Conrad was interviewed during this show and brings an interesting perspective about Pappy Boyington who helped as a technical advisor on the show. Conrad eventually would learn to fly from the encouragement of Pappy himself during the filming of the show.

About the Hero:

Pappy Boyington was commanding officer of the Black Sheep Squadron stationed in the Pacific during World War II. Boyington was an ACE Fighter pilot, prisoner of war, and Medal Of Honor recipient.

Born in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho he earned a degree in aeronautical engineering and then moved on to join the Marines. Before long he joined the American Volunteer Group, known as The Flying Tigers, in China to help fight the Japanese.

After America entered the war Boyington returned to the US and fought in the Pacific Theatre. He then went on to command a group of pilots on Guadalcanal who had not yet been assigned a squadron. This squadron eventually was named the "Black Sheep Squadron".

A Great Tale With Interesting Guests

This is a wonderful documentary depicting the struggle to rename an airport in honor of an American Hero. I was excited to hear from some unique public figures I had not seen in years such as Robert Conrad and Mark Fuhrman, who where both interviewed for this film.

Although of interest to us as aviators, all should watch this movie in remembrance of those who served in WWII. The producer, Kevin Gonzalez, keeps our aviation heritage alive in this skillfully produced and interesting documentary.

The voices and memories of those described as our greatest generation need to be heard for they are quickly losing their collective voice. As of this writing three of those who appeared in this film have already made their final flight on earth to soar in the heavens above. This is one DVD I will keep on my shelves for a long time to share with my friends and family.

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