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FAA Safety Seminar; Bird Strikes : Hazards and Avoidance

Did you know bird strikes cause over $650 million dollars of damage to aircraft in the United States?

Do you know what is the biggest killer of migratory birds?

Have you ever had a bird strike your aircraft and wonder if there was anything you could have done to prevent the unwelcome encounter?

Ever wonder what you can do to prevent damage to your aircraft if a bird strike is immanent?

For answers to these and other questions I invite you to view the FAA Safety Seminar in person or online.

During the seminar you will:

    Learn the common myths concerning bird strikes.
    Learn what to do if you are about to be involved in a bird strike.
    Discover some unique, humane, and environmentally friendly methods of bird mitigation.

On March 8th at 7:00 pm I will be presenting this seminar at the FAA Aviation Safety Seminar at The Museum Of Science and Industry in Tampa, Florida.For those who are unable to attend the seminar, the presentation is available as a Power Point presentation below.

Link to "Bird Strikes : Hazards and Avoidance"

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