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Aerospace Scholarships300wideWelcome to Episode 83 where we discuss obtaining money for training through scholarships.


In This episode we discuss:

  • Various methods of paying for your training.
  • Work Fellowships.
  • Internships.
  • Apprenticeships.
  • Scholarships and other gifts.
  • Dispelling myths about scholarships.
  • Why you should look at scholarships no matter what your age.
  • Most scholarships are not based on need.
  • Work Study.
  • How Membership in an organization can lead to a scholarship.
  • How winning a scholarships can reflect positively on your resume.

Listener Mail:

A student from Colombia, South America wants a good resource for scholarships.



Ministry of Education, Colombia, South America.

Aviation Careers Podcast on Facebook.

Aerospace Scholarships300wide


SunNFunAirplaneRepoWelcome to this special edition recorded live from Sun N Fun 2015. Today we have a very special show with some inspirational and interesting guests. Plus a very special guest from the Air Force!

Preflight Checklist

Polk State Flight Team announces their campaign to raise funds to compete in the regionals. Read their story and visit their GoFundMe page at GoFundMe.com/PolkFlightTeam.

Remember to listen live to Sun N Fun Radio at LiveAtc.net/snf.  We have events all year and past events including Sun N Fun 2015 are repeated throughout the year. Remember their are many ways to get in touch with us at Sun N Fun Radio by visiting SnfRadio.com.

Cruise Flight

We had some special guests join us on the deck at Sun N Fun Radio including:


  • The students at Polk State College Aerospace are asked to join the folks from the Discovery Channel and Airplane Repo for an upcoming appearance. Stay tuned...
  • Polk State Grows from 25 to over 300 students in only few years and becomes the first public institution in the State of Florida to offer a Bachelors Degree in Aerospace Science.
  • Interest in aviation is growing amongst the younger generation.
  • Sun N Fun Love Story
  • Turbo The Flying Dog
  • Turbot gives Back to the community.
  • Victoria Inspires Woman Aviators.
  • Victoria Wins A Ninety-Nines Scholarship.
  • IMC Clubs keeping you Instrument Current.
  • SocialFlight.com
  • Camp RadioActive.
  • Some of the great guests we have had on Sun N Fun Radio.
  • How LiveATC.net works with the founder Dave Pascoe.
  • Behind the scenes at Sun N Fun Radio.
  • How You can volunteer at Sun N Fun.
  • Swearing In of the military recruits at Sun N Fun.
  • Carl wearing his "colors"
  • Dave Abbey talks about the free education aviation podcasts provide.

Pick Of The Show:



It is important to inspire our future aviators and aerospace professionals through events, education, entertainment, and sports. That is why we provide links to crowd funding sources such as Go Fund Me. As coach of the newly formed Polk State College Flight Team I am asking you to read their story. Please consider donating to the team through the Go Fund Me crowd sourcing website by clicking on the image or the link below. I am very proud of the team members and students at Polk State College for their perseverance during the formative years of the new aerospace program and flight team.flight team logo 300

Click Here To Donate to the Polk State Flight Team

Comprised of students from the Polk State College Aerospace Program, the members of the flight team range from student pilots to Certified Flight Instructors,
with varying skill and educational levels.

As a flight team, it is not only our goal to be competitive but to also inspire college and high school students to
become aviation professionals. Through fundraisers, public outreach and working with other organizations, we hope to reach out and inform the community about aviation.

Just as any other collegiate team has a governing body, the Polk State Flight Team falls under the rules of NIFA. As a member of NIFA Region IX, we compete against some of the best flight teams from around the nation. During the regional and national competition, the team members will compete in events such as flight planning,
preflight inspection and accuracy landings.

Being a public college, our team must raise our own funds to compete in both the regional and national competition. As a flight team, we need uniforms, funds for fuel, the aircraft and costs of practicing and traveling to the competition. We are asking you to help us reach our goal of 15,000 dollars to send us to our first regional NIFA competition. With your contribution not only will you be providing assistance to our team but you are also promoting aerospace education amongst collegiate students

Click Here To Donate to the Polk State Flight Team


SaturnVRocketWelcome to Episode 82 Avoiding A 2 Million Dollar Mistake In Your Pilot Career

In This episode we discuss:

  • Kennedy Space Center Inspires Aerospace Careers
  • Avoiding A 2 million dollar mistake in your pilot career
  • Lessons learned in aviation safety from last episode.
  • Answer listener mail
  • Listen To Us At Sun N Fun

Listener mail:

  • Military Pilot considering transition to airlines, 1000 hours
  • Struggling to pay for ratings after college
  • 15 years old, what should be my first step in aviation?
  • Internation Pilot Information


AOPA Let’s Go Flying
Sun N Fun Radio
Kennedy Space Center



Contact Us At:

@flyingcareers on twitter
DIP MY WINGS 347-699-4647
Please rate us in Itunes.

Remember to listen to us live at sun n fun. Click on the logo in the top right of the website or go to LiveAtc.net/snf


Making a Living as a Flight InstructorWelcome to episode 81. Today wa have some very interesting listener mail and to help me review the mail and answer your questions I have not one but two co hosts today; Eric Crump and Tom Wachowski. Tom has been on a break from podcasting and is excited to be here today. One of our big topics to cover today is making a living as a flight instructor. We have received many requests about this topic, including one we cover with several sub-questions in it.


  • Second Career in Aviation
  • Moving to Florida to be a flight instructor
  • choices of clothing for interviews at flight schools
  • Agricultural flying, Ground Instructor Certificate
  • Is an Associates Degree needed for the Regional Airlnes?
  • Question from Serbia: importance of getting both Pilot and A&P license?
  • Rookie flight instructor Tips and Tricks episode ideas, which the hosts pretty much just answer!
  • How to manage student debt on regional airline salary
  • Requesting help when you don't feel confident in your job
  • The effects of Unmanned aerial vehicles on the Aviation Industry
  • Advice from going from Engineering to Piloting
  • Making a living as a flight instructor
  • Military Transition from rotor to fixed wing




Finding Bucolic New Jersey

Pre-Flight Checklist

  • Carl recently flew in a 172! We'll put a picture in the show notes.
  • Eric's student Esteban soloed!

Cruise Flight

Tonight we are working on clearing out the backlog of listener email going back to the middle of 2014. You can continue to send us questions at contact@stuckmicavcast.com. Going forward we will be answering them on a regular basis.

Topics covered:

  • Thank you for the show and good luck to Len from Zurich, Switzerland.
  • A comment from episode 74: You can now fly if you are color blind, but you will have a restriction on your medical certificate.
  • Training question: do you need to retake your written FAA test if you have a break in training?
  • A question on training hours in a simulator and changes from the FAA.
  • A request for a podcast on the Reno Air Show.
  • Sandpoint, Idaho Air Park.
  • A comment from Russ Roslowski about askcfi.com.
  • An answer to what happened to Columbine I, General Eisenhower's personal plane.
  • An offer to help Sean when visiting the air show in Stuart, Florida.
  • A comment about a hanger home bed and Breakfast in Danville, Florida.
  • A request to discuss more air shows especially the smaller ones that do not get much airtime.

~Picks of the Week~

After Landing Checklist



ACP080 – Overseas Flying with Ed Abraham

Ed_AbrahamWelcome to episode 80. Many of you are interested in working overseas because you heard foreign pilots are paid well. Today I have with me someone who will help us understand more about the benefits and challenges of overseas flying.

Ed Abraham is the International Pilot Advisor at Cage Marshal Consulting. Ed is living proof that pilots can go overseas to fly and return with positive results. Based on his years of experience as an aviation professional and as a successful interviewee, Ed is a wealth of knowledge to help other international applicants. Whether you are going from the US to an international company or interested in exploring the possibilities of applying to an overseas position, Ed should be your first call. He can offer his expertise and recommendations to help you land the international interview and job more quickly and with less frustration.

Ed and I discuss:

  • The Benefits of overseas flying.
  • How to apply for an overseas flying job.
  • The interview process.
  • The challenges of living overseas.
  • Pay, Benefits, and living conditions.
  • Working overseas and your family.


If you would like to ask a question on the show, leave us a voicemail at our new contact number DIP-MY-WINGS (347-699-4647)!


SMAC092 Is It Time to Fire Your Flight Instructor?

InstructorCarlPre-Flight Checklist:

You can ask us questions by using our hashtag #asksmac, or by emailing us at Contact@StuckMicAvCast.com, or by calling 347-699-4647 (DIP MY WINGS). Please send us questions or stories about your aviation successes.

Victoria said she no longer needs a special issuance medical certificate!

Eric has a shout out for one of his students named John who earned his Private Pilot's License today!

Eric also said a big "thank you" to Women in Aviation and JetBlue, who paid for four of his students to attend the Women in Aviation conference in Dallas, Texas. You can check out the pictures of John and the students who attended the conference at their Facebook page.

Cruise Flight:

Our topics this week are coming from our Twitter hashtag #asksmac about when to fire your flight instructor:

  • Billing issues
  • Safety
  • Personality issues
  • If they smell bad
  • Lack of integrity
  • Lack of progress
  • Degrading
  • Just a time builder
  • Lack of availability
  • Lack of communication

~Picks of the Week~

Rick: F18 Carrier Landing Lite-a free iOS game

Victoria: Fly Girl by Sheri L. Smith, a Young Adult book about a girl torn between her heritage and wanting to fly as part of the WASPS.

Carl: FAA Wildlife Strike Database- a website for logging birdstrikes and learning all kinds of things by exploring the data.

Eric: Avare- an offline navigational app that allows you to draw on the screen in GPS mode.

After Landing Checklist

Be sure to send us feedback, especially your opinion on the best aviation app for the iPhone 6


Why should we be concerned with bird strikes?

BirdsWhy should we be concerned with bird strikes?

  • Bird and other wildlife strikes to aircraft annually cause over $937 million in damage to U.S. civil and military aviation.
  • Bird strikes put the lives of aircraft crew members and their passengers at risk.
  • Over 255 people have been killed worldwide as a result of wildlife strikes since 1988.


United States Avian Hazard Advisory System

Bird Avoidance Model

Border Collie Rescue Program

Bird Strike Control Program

Aviation Safety Reporting System

FAA Wildlife Strike Database



We are back after a brief delay. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and prayers. In this episode I have a bunch of listener email to answer coping with burn out, getting your ratings current after a lapse and how to pay for it, and a number of questions about moving your aviation career forward.

In this episode I discuss:

  • How to cope with burn out
  • Getting your ratings current after a lapse and using scholarships to pay for it.
  • A request for an interview of someone in aerial fire fighting.
  • What to do when you have a training failure on your record.
  • Advice on different regionals and what to consider when applying.
  • A "thank you" for your advice on being over-prepared in training and update on career progress.
  • An update from someone that cannot get medical but found another aviation job.
  • A member of the community said "thanks" for interviewing someone about the Veterans Airlift Program and donated $500.
  • Is 44 to old to start working towards flying for a major airline?
  • Is tilt rotor time considered by airlines as fixed wing or helicopter type hours?
  • Question about what kind of scholarships to look for to obtain a CFI.


  • The Aerospace Scholarships E-book was scheduled to come out in February, but has been rescheduled to come out in March.
  • You can reach us with your aviation career or other questions at feedback@aviationcareerspodcast.com.
  • The FAA Safety Team is a great way to stay current and learn how to fly safe.
  • More technical videos are being added to expertaviator.com and aviationcareerspodcast soon.