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skydivepilotWelcome to episode 76. I have received many questions regarding the career of skydive pilot so we thought we would dedicate this episode to the job of skydive pilot.

Joining me for this episode is Dennis Downing, a pilot flying skydivers in Zephyrhills, Florida. It seems to be an exciting job and along with my listeners I am very interested in discovering more about career opportunities and what it is like to be a skydive pilot.

Dennis and I discuss:

  • What is a skydive pilot and what unique skills are needed.
  • How to find a job as a skydive pilot.
  • How Dennis developed his passion for aviation.
  • What type of training should you do to prepare yourself to become a sky dive pilot.
  • How are most skydive pilots compensated.
  • Can you make a living as a skydive pilot.
  • Is this a good way to build flight time to further your career.
  • How many hours does a typical skydive pilot fly a year.
  • Advice for pilots interested in becoming a skydive pilot.


Sky Dive City

Scholarship of the week:

Ride the Sun Scholarship

Looking for assistance to extend your horizons and increase your aviation skills? Use this $500 monetary award to help defer the costs for out of the ordinary flight education. Apply it toward:

  • Air Racing expenses
  • Training: Aerobatic, Formation Flight, Mountain, Soaring, Ballooning
  • Special volunteer flights
  • Record setting (NAA) flights
  • International competitions, and more...

In this presentation I will discuss:

1. Distractions and how they contribute to accidents.
2. Recommendations from a work group that studies loss of control.
3. Tips & tricks to help you manage distractions in flight.

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The Best of Stuck Mic AvCast 2014

BiminiAirportPre-Flight Checklist

This episode features segments from the best of 2014, as voted by you the listeners and our staff!

Cruise Flight

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CollegeFlyingThis week I have another great episode of listener email with my good friend, Flight Instructor, and Aerospace Director at Polk State College Eric Crump.

In this episode we answer questions related to:

  • Questions from a College Grad
  • The CTP Requirement
  • Pilot Shortage
  • PRIA Requests
  • Plus a few more

Links Mentioned in the Podcast:

?Regional Airline Association Discusses The Pilot Shortage


US Immigration.



This is the slideshow from the FAA Safety Seminar presented on December 8th, 2014.

In this seminar we discussed:

- MacDill Airspace, Base Flying Operations, and how they apply to local Civilian Aviation.
- Mid-Air Collision Avoidance Program (MACA)
- Demonstration of SeeAndAvoid.org website.
- Safety Principles taught to Air Force Aircrews.

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Pre-Flight Checklist

TurboCoverThe whole gang is here for the last new show of the year (hey, that rhymes!) including Turbo, the Flying Dog!

We start with some announcements. Eric has a shout out for Jason from Alaska (brrrr!) who despite setbacks is continuing to his work on his aerospace education.

Victoria announce that Turbo the Flying Dog book is now for sale click here: Turbo the Flying Dog (Volume 1).

Cruise Flight

Victoria discusses the Dare to be Different scholarship, which requires you to do something unique in aviation. Using her GPS she flew in the pattern that spelled out "dare 2 be." You can see the details on her blog. Victoria was also on Airplane Geeks.

The topic for this week is their reflections on their year in flight, including what they did in aviation and the most amazing thing they saw from the air.

  • Eric discussed using General Aviation to go visit his sister when she had her baby.
  • Sean talked about getting a ride on Fat Albert, the Blue Angels C-130 that does something akin to aerobatics.
  • Victoria said one of her favorite things is sharing aviation with others, and how earlier this year her and her husband flew their plane along with another couples plane for a special hamburger.
  • Carl's best flight was actually getting to fly a 172, which is a big change after flying for the airlines. The most beautiful thing was seeing wave formations flying into Trinidad.
  • Rick said he did not do any flying this year due to family commitments and discussed the difficulty of trying to stay current and how important that is if you really cannot go flying anywhere. However he did discuss flying around New England at some really beautiful airports.

After Landing Checklist

~Picks of the Week~

  • Victoria: 1800wxbrief.com, a great site for filing a flight plan and plotting your route.
  • Sean: XPlane 10 Mobile flight simulator game for iOS. the 172 comes free, you can purchase other planes in app.
  • Carl: Paul Job Photography, an aerial photographer taking great aerial, airplane photography.
  • Eric: FAA Safety Briefing Magazine, which is a great resource for pilots. It is available for free as e-pub or Kindle, or in print for a low fee. Also, the FAA Safety Briefing Twitter account is a great resource and has a lot of interaction among pilots sharing information.
  • Rick: MPING (Meteorological Phenomenon Information Near the Ground), a free app that lets you report on weather phenomenon near the ground, where radar cannot detect. The app is available for iOS, Android.

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DUCORSKY-150x150Today you will get an inside view into the scholarship process. We created the Aerospace Scholarships Guide because many of you wanted to know how to obtain money for your training and career advancement.

When we started this guide we did not realize the large number of aerospace scholarships available but have committed to placing them all in our directory online. Many of you have asked for a print or ebook version of the guide so we decided to create an ebook for now with a printed version coming in the future. The e-book will be available for download to premium members who purchase annual membership and will also be available in iTunes and Amazon. Make sure you sign up for our e-mail newsletter to receive notification of the new e-book version when it becomes available in the next two months.

To help us understand the process of applying for scholarships and to give us an inside view of the administration of aviation scholarships I have with me Mark Ducorsky, administrator of numerous aviation scholarships. Mark is an accomplished flight instructor and business owner. He recently has been awarded the distinction of Master Flight Instructor of which fewer than 800 have ever achieved this status in the United States.

Mark and I discuss:

  • How to find scholarships and money for education and training.
  • How to apply for a scholarships.
  • What you can do to increase your chances of being awarded a scholarship.
  • What you should not do during the application process.
  • Why many scholarships go unused.
  • How many scholarships you should apply for.
  • What to do if you are turned down for a scholarship.
  • What to do when you are awarded a scholarship.


CFI Master Instructor

Scholarship of the week:

James C. Ray Glider Scholarship



Pre-Flight Checklist

Carl and Eric reporting live from the When Pigs Fly South BBQ Challenge and Warbird Flyin weekend at Sun N Fun. You can listen to Sun N Fun Radio all year at LiveATC.net/SNF or visiting the Sun N Fun Website and clicking on the Sun N Fun Radio button. You can also listen to the individual interviews from this episode at Chats From The Deck.

A great place to listen to interviews with your favorite air show performers, historic aviation figures, and passionate aviators is by visiting Chats From The Deck. This wonderful resource is hosted by the volunteer chairman of Sun N Fun Radio Dave Shallbetter. Recordings include live interviews from the deck at Sun N Fun, interviews by volunteers reporting during the fly-in , and recordings from various live events throughout the year such as Aerospace Discovery.

The Flyin features an F-18 simulator, warbirds from Punta Gorda, lots of BBQ, motor cycles, classic cars, and a bounce house, fun and games!

Cruise Flight

Here are the interviews Carl conducted:

  • Jose Figueroa, Safety Programmer, Tampa FSDO, presenting the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award, which is a 50 year safety record! You can see the honor roll at faasafety.gov
  • Jim from Warbirds of America local chapter, national organization, who fly retired military planes and raise money for veteran's organizations.
  • Lunar from flyjivefly.
  • Bill Johnston of Silver Wings, an aviation fraternity.
  • Jim Frees, one of the BBQ challenge judges.
  • Lights Leenhouts President and CEO of Sun N Fun.
  • Rob Williams, Executive Director Aerospace Discovery Center for Excellence at Sun N Fun.
  • John Iskara, Education Director for Aerospace Center for Excellence.
  • Neil Glazer, owner of Pilot Mall. Also checkout Aviation Custom Carts.

After Landing Checklist

~Picks of the Week~

No picks this week since the show is at the event.

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BJG at BJC 7Welcome to episode 73 of the podcast where we give you an inside view of various aviation careers. Some of you have written this show asking me to interview someone who is involved with safety and others would like to hear more about jobs in the insurance field. With me today I have someone who has been able to combine both disciplines into his position with a company that provides risk management and reinsurance services.

Dr. B.J. Goodheart is truly passionate about aviation and is an active ATP rated pilot and flight instructor. Previously, B.J. managed flight training for an aviation university and worked in aviation safety with the Center for Aerospace Safety Education and with the American Airlines flight safety department. He holds a M.S. in Safety Science and a Ph.D. in Aviation with a Safety concentration.

Dr Goodheart and I discuss:

  • Jobs in aviation safety.
  • What is a claims manager.
  • Various jobs in aviation insurance.
  • Advice for those wishing to pursue a career in aviation safety and insurance.
  • Why you should consider an advanced degree.

Scholarship of the week:

Alan H. Conklin Business Aviation Management Scholarship


ACP072- Airline Interview Preparation with Judy Tarver

2f13ccfOne of the hardest parts about getting a new job is not always finding the job, but getting through the interview. It can be scary, nerve racking, and you often only get one chance to make a good impression. Wouldn't it be great if there was someone out there that could help you with this process, to give you tips on what to do and what not to do?

Judy Tarver is just that kind of person. For more than 30 years Judy has been helping people get jobs in aviation. From being Manager of Pilot Recruitment at American Airlines, to VP of Global Strategies at Future and Active Pilot Advisors (FAPA), Judy helps people to prepare for interview questions, how to dress to look professional, and advises interviewees to be themselves and be honest.

Judy and I Discuss:

  • Being prepared for an interview, your personality is not all you need
  • How to handle tough questions
  • Disclosure of blemishes on your personnel or criminal record
  • Dressing professionally
  • Being yourself



Scholarship of the Week: Alaska Airlines Maintenance and Engineering Scholarship