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Chris 737Welcome to episode 89. My guest today is Chris Pezalla. Chris passion for aviation started at a young age with him obtaining a commercial pilot certificate at the age of 18. He studied Aeronautical Science at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University while working as a flight instructor. After college, he worked for a large Regional Airline. His flying experience includes 5500 hours in airplanes and over 1300 hours as an instructor.

The aviation industry is cyclic with with a few dramatic downturns. Today we discuss how Chris implemented a creative approach to surviving an aviation downturn. I'm sure you will find his story inspirational and informative.

Today Chris and I Discuss:

  • His Early life as a pilot and why he loves aviation.
  • His path to the regional airlines.
  • The downturn in the airline industry.
  • How he turned lemons into lemonade
  • What Chris did during his leave with the airlines.
  • Law Degree, Masters, Books, Speaking, and more.
  • Where he is now and where he is going.
  • Advice on how to prepare for a furlough or downturn in the airline industry.
  • Why you should prepare now when things are going well.

Scholarship of the Week:

Aero Club of PA: Pre-Solo Scholarships


Advanced Guide to Holding Patterns

Three Point Aviation


Pre-Flight Checklist:
This is a special edition of the show, featuring interviews from Air Venture! Sitting in with Carl is Rick, Victoria, and special guests Larry Overstreet and Tom Frick. Victoria, Larry, and Tom were all at the show and shared their experiences.

  • Victoria was there promoting aviation insurance, as well as promote the Turbo the Flying Dog books.
  • Tom was working the booth with MzeroA.com, which provides an online ground school and many aviation manuals and books.
  • Larry said he has been going to the show almost every year since 1979 and posted lots of Facebook pictures this year. He said the number of airplanes and types of planes was amazing, the camping area is the third largest "city" in Wisconsin for that week, and there was a great Pilot Proficiency Center where you get learn and get some re-certifications for free.

Announcement: Tom Frick recently finished his Commercial Single Engine Rating!

Cruise Flight

  • Victoria interviewed three lady pilots who represent the 6% of pilots who are female.
    • Lesley Page who operates Courage To Soar encouraging women to fly
    • Lin Caywood who has participated in air races
    • Carol Caywood, Lin's  Mom who just loves coming to the show
  • Larry Interviewed Brian Bishop at the Pilot Proficiency Center, discussing their efforts through EAA to encourage general aviation safety.
  • Victoria interviewed John from Aviation Insurance Resources, who is also on the Greg Koontz and the Alabama Boys show.
  • Larry interviewed Stasi Poulis from Mindstar Aviation who is the avionics provider for Redbird.
  • Victoria interviewed Santa and Mrs. Claus, their first trip to Air Venture!
  • Larry interviewed Jim Crest from Pioneer Airport Flight Operations
  • Victoria interviewed the Berry family, who operate a seaplane that is the fastest on their lake.

After Landing Checklist

~Picks of the Week~

No picks this week, as this is an interview show.

This episode is sponsored by AerospaceScholarships.Com


SLCJ5Episode 101 of the Stuck Mic AvCast is an interview with Matt VanDervort of Vans Flying Services. Matt repairs and restores many types of aircraft but specializes in antique and vintage.

Click Here to Listen to the Podcast and view the show notes on the Stuck Mic AvCast website.

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ACP087 Drones and Your Aviation Career

RyanSimIs a career flying, fixing, or supporting drones in your career future? Today I am joined by Ryan Wallace from Polk State College to discuss the career opportunities in the world of Commercial Drones. Ryan is a professor of Aeronautical Science and is actively involved in the local Unmanned Aircraft System Community.

Ryan and I Discuss:

  • The demand for drone pilots in the military and commercial world.
  • Why drones are causing an increased demand for pilots.
  • How to get started in the exciting career of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).
  • Why more drones are in our future.
  • Organizations you can join to look towards a career in UAS.


Links Mentioned In The Podcast:

The Golden Age of Unmanned Flight

Air Force Will Offer Bonuses To Lure Drone Pilots

AUVSI - Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International

Introduction to Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Drone Delivers Medicine to Rural Virginia Clinic

FAA Unmanned Aircraft Systems

The UAV Digest

Special Investigation Report on the Safety of Agricultural Aircraft Operations

Polk State College Aerospace

Scholarship of The Week:

Ben Wiplinger Memorial Seaplane Rating Scholarship


LongIslandSunRiseVictoria, Larry, Rick, Sean, and Carl are all here for the 100th episode! A special guest Tom Wachowski of the Private Jet Podcast is here. Tom has been a guest on episodes since the 80's (show number wise) and flies corporate jests for work and model planes for fun.

Pre-Flight Checklist

Air Venture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin is July 20-26. Victoria and Larry will both be there, Carl is trying to go. Victoria will be in the Insurance area and have books 1 and 2 of Turbo the Flying Dog. Get $2 off the book when you get an insurance quote. The books are also now available on Kindle. Check out Turbo the Flying Dog on Facebook and Instagram for updated photos.

  • Carl flew to Havanna for the first time this week! The country is beautiful, but the runways and airport area are a bit "rustic."

Cruise Flight

For this 100th episode, we asked you to send us your centennial events in aviation such as 100th landing, 100th hour, etc.

  • Victoria's 100th landing right after her solo stage check.
  • Rick's was a pattern at Norwood in a Cirrus.
  • Larry and Sean also got theirs practicing.
  • Carl discusses his first 100 Airports from 1989-2002.
  • Sean's 100th flight was his "2nd 1st" cross country flight (had to start curriculum over again).
  • Larry's 99th and 100th glider flights were taking his 2 sons on their first flights.
  • Victoria's 100th flight was right before her IFR stage check from Pontiac Airport to Flint Airport in Michigan.
  • Rick's 100th was a flight to Nashua in a Cirrus for lunch with the Uncontrolled Airspace gang for a meetup.
  • Rick's 100th "hour in type" was in a Cirrus over Portsmouth, New Hampshire which is a beautiful area and a huge airport to land at. After posting he got a message from a 747-400 pilot who used Rick's video to get a feel for the airport, flying in for the first time.

Carl shared 3 emails from listeners:

  • Len Costa sent a message congratulating everyone for the 100th episode.
  • Russ Roslowski sent his 100th's log book entry was his first landing at Kitty Hawk, NC. His first landing was at Jenkins, DE which is a little grass runway at a public use airport.
  • Antoine from Switzerland wrote in his 100th PIC hour.

Getting back to the gang

  • Larry's 100th powered flight was in 1990 in an Archer from Arkansas to Oklahoma and back. His 100th power hour was Arkansas to Kansas to pick up a friend for a visit.
  • Victoria's 100th flight with her husband was to Winwood, WV flying resort. Her 100th cross country hour was also with her husband Bob, trying to get to Florida to watch a shuttle launch and had difficulty getting there due to storms. Her 100th blog post where she was practicing landings and a little boy on the ground was waving and trying to cover his ears.
  • Carl did his 100th safety lecture a few years ago and has signed off on well over 100 people.
  • Carl mentioned the 100th anniversary of scheduled flight, which led to the Tony Janus Award. There is a mural commemorating it at Albert Whitted Airport.
  • Carl also asked for listeners to send in 100 things we can do to promote aviation.

~Picks of the Week~

We now have over 100 picks on the Picks of the Week page!

After Landing Checklist

Please send us an idea or list of ideas on how to promote aviation to the next generation.



ACP086 Social Media and Your Career

RedBirdPolkStateDo you have a social media policy for your career? Welcome to the podcast where we inform, motivate, and give you an inside look at the many aviation careers. Some of our favorite co hosts join us. First , Eric Crump, Aerospace Director at Polk State College and a passionate aviation educator. We also have Tom Wachowski, Corporate Pilot and career advocate. Welcome to the show Eric and Tom!

Before we begin our show today I have a few announcements

Announcements / Shout outs:

  • Scholarships Guide Update: The PDF file has been fixed and the links and index now work.
  • Karissa strickland, one of Eric's students completed the Commercial Pilot Certification! She can now get paid to fly, and is a huge asset to the Polk State Aerospace program.
  • Aviation Careers Podcast is celebrating it's 3 years anniversary
  • Derek Lagasse - Scholarship.
  • Membership clarification.
  • We are raising money for the Polk State Flight Team, and you can help!
  • New Veterans Page

Your social media policy for your career:

  • What social media should you use. -facebook, twitter, linkedin
  • How to prevent a career limiting move on social media.
  • How to use social media to your advantage.
  • What you should not do on social media.
  • How long does a picture last on social media
  • Who sees your social media….everyone!
  • Social media grows professional relationships.


Scholarship of the week:

Lockhart Smith Jr. Scholarship


SMAC099-Laughs, Loops, and Rolls

Photo and Route
Carl, Rick, Sean, Larry and Victoria are here for this 99th episode!

Pre-Flight Checklist:

  • Stuck Mic AVCast has been around for four years!
  • We are starting new blog posts on our "off weeks" for the show for announcements, shout outs, and events.
  • Our next episode is #100! Please use our contact page or email to send us your 100th landing, airport, or other 100th event in aviation.
  • Victoria and Turbo on work on their second book, which should be out by AirVenture. They will be visiting AirVenture as well as a couple other places. Click on Turbo on the right to find out where to meet them!
  • Please visit our sponsors The Day I Learned to Fly and Aerospace Scholarships

Cruise Flight:

  • Victoria discussed a really cool aviation video of a four your old girl's first aerobatic flight,which you can watch below.
  • The interview of Jeff Kennon from The Day I Learned to Fly was great and enjoyed by the co-hosts and fans.
  • Episode 100 will feature a special mystery guest.
  • Billy Wheeler, who does the music for Aviation Careers Podcast sent in an interesting picture to see if anyone else has seen something like this.
  • The topic of the month in May for the FAA Safety Team was Aircraft Performance. The topic discusses "weight and balance" and loosing control on take off and landing and how to prevent problems during take off and landing.
  • Instrument Proficiency guidelines

Pick of the Week:

Rick - The Wright Brothers

Carl - AvPlan EFB on The Apple Watch

Sean - Garmin D2 Bravo Pilot Watch

Larry - Pilot Partner Logbook

Victoria -

After Landing Checklist:


AOPA Interview - "Pure Joy"

This episode is sponsored by:



TravisFlightDeckWelcome to episode 85. I speak with many pilots who have left the airlines for various reasons including work schedule, layoffs, furloughs, and the low initial pay.  Often many former airline pilots miss the flying and challenges of being an airline pilot.

Today I have with me Travis Watson, an experienced skydiver and pilot who has returned to the airlines after a recent hiatus. Travis is truly passionate about everything he does and his excitement about life is infectious.

Travis and I discuss:

  • His background as a skydive vidographer and flight instructor.
  • His first experience with the airlines.
  • Why he decided to come back to the airlines.
  • Advice for those who left the airlines and are looking towards restarting their flying career.
  • The initial training experience at an airline.
  • Tips to pass your airline training.
  • The advantage of staying at the training center during breaks.
  • Advice for those who are looking at the challenges of low pay and inconsistent schedules in the beginning of their career.

Scholarship of the Week:

Greg Koontz Airshows Aerobatic Instructor Scholarship

Greg Koontz Airshows Aerobatic Instructor Scholarship in Memory of Bobby Younkin. The recipient must be a CFI with some tangible experience in aerobatics. Value $ 2,780


Weiser Airpark-The "friendliest airport" in the United States

United States Parachute Association

Skydive San Marcos: Austin Skydiving

About Teresa Stokes - Gene Soucy Airshows

Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Seattle Indoor Skydiving

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

Trader Joe's




JeffKennon webCarl recorded a special episode interview with Jeff Kennon author of The Day I Learned To Fly a great children's book on Aviation.

Pre-flight Checklist


For episode 100, we are asking you the listener to participate by sending in your 100th something in your aviation career. It could be your 100th landing, 100th trip to the airport, etc. Send an email to contact@stuckmicavcast.com

Cruise Flight

In this interview Carl and Jeff cover:

  • Intro the book and Carl's feelings about flying related to the book.

  • Why Jeff wrote the book.

  • The importance of the push cart.

  • Jeff's writing background.

  • What Jeff has done in the community with his book.

  • What’s book is next.

  • Jeff's Days as a youth minister

  • Where Jeff is  in his flying and where he is going?

After Landing Checklist:

Thanks to Jeff for coming on. For a sample of his book click the image below:



Conducting the Instrument Proficiency Check.001Do you or your instructor know how to properly conduct an Instrument Proficiency Check? Find out how by viewing the slides from the presentation conducted by Dave Bear.

To learn more about free safety seminars and the Wings program please visit FAASaftey.gov. I am a Lead Representative in the Tampa FSO and if you have any questions about participation or earning your Wings please contact by clicking here.

Dave Bear is a Principal Operations Inspector at the Tampa FSDO.  Before joining the FAA Dave worked with Chicago Express Airlines. Dave is originally from Illinois where he graduated from the College of DuPage with a degree in education.

A special thanks to the sponsors of this event National Aviation Academy and their years of  supporting of the FAA Safety program. Visit http://www.naa.edu to learn more about their aviation maintenance programs.

Instructors and Pilots will:

  • Learn the methods to prepare for an IPC;
  • Understand the correct procedures and required tasks to complete an IPC in accordance with FAR 61.57(c) &(d)

Download the Presentation as a PDF File By Clicking Here.