Conducting the Instrument Proficiency Check.001Do you or your instructor know how to properly conduct an Instrument Proficiency Check? Find out how by viewing the slides from the presentation conducted by Dave Bear.

To learn more about free safety seminars and the Wings program please visit I am a Lead Representative in the Tampa FSO and if you have any questions about participation or earning your Wings please contact by clicking here.

Dave Bear is a Principal Operations Inspector at the Tampa FSDO.  Before joining the FAA Dave worked with Chicago Express Airlines. Dave is originally from Illinois where he graduated from the College of DuPage with a degree in education.

A special thanks to the sponsors of this event National Aviation Academy and their years of  supporting of the FAA Safety program. Visit to learn more about their aviation maintenance programs.

Instructors and Pilots will:

  • Learn the methods to prepare for an IPC;
  • Understand the correct procedures and required tasks to complete an IPC in accordance with FAR 61.57(c) &(d)

Download the Presentation as a PDF File By Clicking Here.


Rick27Carl, Rick, Sean, and Eric are here for this show. Victoria is on vacation in Ecuador. Larry Overstreet is also sitting in.

Pre-flight Checklist


  • For episode 100, we are asking you the listeners to participate by sending in your 100th something in your aviation career. It could be your 100th landing, 100th trip to the airport, etc. Send an email to
  • Check out Jeff Kennon's The Day I Learned to Fly. Carl Just received his hard copy, and Larry just got one for his grandson
  • is a great place to find all kinds of aviation related social events like fly-ins, seminars, etc.
  • Carl has given in to peer pressure from his co-hosts and ordered himself an Apple Watch! If anyone has any Apple Watch app recommendations please e-mail us.

Cruise Flight

This week we are covering email from our listeners:

  • A vote for the best show of 2014, which was episode 67 with Russ Roslowski talking about designing approaches.
  • An email from Switzerland, thanks for the show!
  • A question from #asksmac: Do ATP rated pilots know how to recover from a stall?

Books discussed:

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After Landing Checklist:

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