Angie_MarshallWelcome to Episode 77. The path towards an airline piloting career can be varied depending on your personal circumstances and the choices you make in life. You may want to live in a certain location, you may want to fly only certain types of aircraft, or you have a family and you need to make sure you are home a certain number of days a month. With that said, a common question from listeners is “how do I know I am progressing towards my career goal of becoming an airline pilot?”

Today I have with me someone who will help me answer this question and many more. Angie Marshall is President of Cage Marshall Consulting. For over twenty years she has worked with pilots offering her expertise with career and furlough guidance, background research, application support, resume and cover letter development, interview prep, and special concerns consulting.

Angie and I discuss:

  • Your career expectations.
  • 5, 10 and 15 year plan for your career.
  • Surviving your salad years and furloughs.
  • The benefits of flying for a regional to better prepare you for the majors.
  • How many hours are competitive to get hired with the regionals and the majors.
  • Why experienced pilots may need to fly for the regionals before moving on the Majors.
  • Why you should consider career consulting.


Cage Marshall Consulting



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Carl, Victoria, Rick and Eric are here, and everyone is cold!

  • We start with some announcements. Carl and Eric  will be attending the Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, Florida.
  • You can tweet the show using the Twitter hashtag #asksmac.
  • Victoria said that Turbo the Flying Dog wants to invite everyone to the Frederick Municipal Airport for AOPA's Paws & Planes Day February 21st 9am-1pm. Turbo will be signing books and there will be about a dozen aviation related stations. The event is free, and kids that visit all the stations will get a free gift!

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Fly The Aircraft First – FAA Safety Team January 2015 Topic Of The Month

January 7, 2015

In this presentation I will discuss: 1. Distractions and how they contribute to accidents. 2. Recommendations from a work group that studies loss of control. 3. Tips & tricks to help you manage distractions in flight. Click Here To Sign Up For Our Newsletter and Free Updates.

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McDill Airspace and Midair Collision Avoidance – Slideshow from FAA Safety Meeting Dec 8th, 2014

December 16, 2014

This is the slideshow from the FAA Safety Seminar presented on December 8th, 2014. In this seminar we discussed: – MacDill Airspace, Base Flying Operations, and how they apply to local Civilian Aviation. – Mid-Air Collision Avoidance Program (MACA) – Demonstration of website. – Safety Principles taught to Air Force Aircrews. Click Here To […]

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