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ACP171 What Pilot Technical Interview Question Do Most Get Incorrect?

Ready for a lesson!One of the most difficult parts of an interview for a pilot job is answering the pilot technical interview question portion. Welcome to the inspirational, informational, and transparent aviation careers podcast. I just got back from a red eye but wanted to answer some of your questions. But first a few announcements.


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Call for co-hosts with experience in the field of aerospace careers:
Our top countries in order of downloads : US, Ireland, Canada, Brazil, Australia, UK.

We are looking for co hosts who would be willing to come on the show on a regular basis to discuss aviation and aerospace careers. Of course the highest demand from listeners are those with airline experience but we are looking for co-hosts with all backgrounds. Please send me a resume, social media contact info, or anything else you would like to share to feedback@aviationcareerspodcast.com.

What Pilot Technical Interview Question Do Most Get Incorrect?

  • Red eye and storms.
  • Is my application too ridiculous or too far off in design and content?
  • Do US companies employ foreign citizens?
  • How does flying as an airline pilot in Canada in compare to being a pilot in the United States Of America.
  • Technical Interview Question of the Week:
  • What are the airspeed limitations in Class C airspace?

Links Mentioned in This Podcast:

Practical Guide to Operating in Class C Airspace

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