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ACP166 Whatever You Do, Do It Well

Paul Grieco in the Cockpit, whatever you do, do it wellOur theme for today is "whatever you do, do it well." Welcome to the inspirational, informational, and transparent aviation careers podcast. Tonight I am joined by Paul Grieco to answer you questions but first a few announcements.


  • The Sport Aviation Expo will be in Sebring, FL January 24-27, 2018. Come out and see us!
  • Aviation Careers Podcast Bundle We have a new course bundle for those looking to get into an Flying! For $10 per month you will get access to 5 courses. It's a great deal because it gives you unlimited access for as long as you maintain your $10 subscription.
  • Find out more about upcoming events at Facebook Page.
  • 42 year old young pilot, has an MBA, do I need an Aviation degree to get hired by the airlines?

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • Whatever You Do Do It Well.
  • Can you fly for the Regionals as a Seventh Day Adventist?
  • Retiring teacher, trying to figure out what direction to go changing careers to flying

Links Mentioned in This Podcast:

Aviation Careers Podcast Bundle

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