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SMAC159 Best Of Stuck Mic AvCast 2017

Dave Abby

Happy New Year and welcome to our special best of Stuck Mic AvCast 2017 edition of the show. This is the annual podcast where the co hosts pick their favorite episodes and you can listen in a mini marathon special.

Of course we want to send a special thank you to all our listeners especially those that helped contribute to the podcast as occasional guest host. The picture in the show notes on our website is from one of our active listeners and occasional guest host Dave Abbey. We look forward to more news stories and field reports from our wonderful listeners and guests host. If you want to be a guest host please e-mail us at StuckMicAvCast@gmail.com.

From everyone here at the Stuck Mic AvCast we hope you have a safe and happy New Year!

Preflight Checklist:

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The US Sport Aviation Expo is coming up January 24-27 2018.

Cruise Flight:

SMAC148 The Challenges of Picking Up IFR Clearances In The Air and A Descend VIA Example

SMAC156 From Cessna To F16 One Pilots Dream Come True

SMAC153 When A Career And Passion Come Together

SMAC145 Modern Day Barnstormer Dewey Davenport

SMAC151 How One Pilot Changed The Approach Minimums In Brazil – Interview with Arnold Pieper

After Landing Checklist:

Picks Of The Week:

No Picks of the week for this special episode

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