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ACP164 Be an Airport Bum: Q&A with Robert Guyer

Today we answer several people's questions about how to get started from being both 17 or 35, how jump seats work, and the benefits of being an airport bum. Welcome to the inspirational, informational, and transparent aviation careers podcast. Happy New Year. In today’s episode we will be answering your questions. Don’t forget if you have a question or comment to send then to feedback@aviationcareerspodcast.com.


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In This Episode We Discuss:

  • In a degree program in Canada, have a couple of failures due to lack of study, moving forward without excuses. Does not have a degree, how can he move forward and be competitive getting into the regionals?
  • Left the corporate world, would love to be on the show and tell my story.
  • Looking for information on how to move into being a pilot in mid 30’s without a degree.
  • Goal is to get into Corporate Flying, 22 Navy Veteran, how do you get a corporate job with low hours (about 200)?
  • Are there scholarships for middle-aged, private pilots to move beyond the private rating?
  • 17 years old, what path should he take to become a pilot while in school? Accelerated after high school or work at a local school?
  • How does riding in the jump seats work?
  • Do you get the same benefits as the majors when you work at a regional owned by a major?
  • How does pay compare from a left seat at a regional to the right seat at a major?
  • Are there pay for training programs here in the states?
  • As a private pilot, can you do flights like banner towing and charity? Is it legal to do things for business if they cover flight costs but don't pay you?
  • Can you carry a firearm as a pilot?

Bottom line: Be an airport bum.

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