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SMAC157 Flying Eyes Optics Dean Siracusa – Flying the Meyers 200

Welcome to a special edition of the Stuck Mic AvCast. One of the most important aspects of flying is our eyesight. One pilot, Dean Siracusa of Flying Eyes Optics, has made it his mission to help pilots increase their ability to see and avoid traffic while wearing functional and stylish eyewear.

Dean is the founder of Flying Eyes Optics and an avid Meyers 200 pilot. What is a Meyers 200 you might ask? You are about to find out.

Preflight Checklist:

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Cruise Flight:

Dean And I discuss:

  • How he became interested in aviation
  • Why he loves the Meyers 200
  • What is a Meyers 200?
  • How he became interested in designing eyewear for pilots.
  • What makes his eyewear different.
  • What is next in Dean’s Flying Life.
  • How you can reach Dean and learn more about Flying Eyes Optics.
  • See him in San Marcos or Austin

After Landing Checklist:

Picks Of The Week:

No Pics of the week since this is an interview.

Links Mentioned In The Podcast:

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Eyes that Fly

Meyers Aircraft Owners Association

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Video Of The Week:

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