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SMAC155 Live From AOPA Fly-In Tampa FL

AOPA Fly-In Tampa FLWelcome to a special edition of the podcast live from AOPA Fly-In 2017 in Tampa, Florida. Carl was on assignment in conjunction with Sun N Fun Radio. The Fly-In was a fun and informative event held at one of Carl’s favorite airports Peter O. Knight airport.

This airport is where Carl began his aviation career and you will hear his excitement about returning to his roots. The weather was wonderful and as you will hear in the interviews everyone was excited to attend. This was two days and had over 339 airplanes and an estimated 5,478 attendees. If you could not attend the show or you did not get to visit all the exhibitors you can hear about what happened on this episode.

Preflight Checklist:

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Cruise Flight:

Interviews From AOPA Fly-In Tampa, FL

  • Sun N Fun Kid Zone Exhibit, Preflight Pavilion, and what Sun N Fun has to offer all year long. - Greg Gibson
  • Professional Aviation Safety Specialist - Mike Perrone
  • Pilots N Paws - Dan Landry
  • Tavares - America’s Seaplane City - Matt Elia, Aviation Manager
  • Mission Aviation Fellowship - Chuck Weatherstone
  • Sebring US Aviation Expo -Melissa Finger
  • Trade-A-Plane - Kelly Monday new publisher
  • Cessna Pilots Society
  • Drone Nerds
  • Gulf Coast Avionics - Levi VickersTeam Riggs Real Estate
  • Team Riggs Real Estate
  • AOPA You Can Fly Ambassador Jamie Beckett
  • Tampa Bay Aviation Association Daniel Slapo

After Landing Checklist:

Picks Of The Week:

No picks of the week since this is a live show. Check out past picks of the week at http://stuckmicavcast.com/picks-of-the-week/

Links Mentioned In The Podcast:




NexGen Advisory Committee



Mission Aviation Fellowship

US Sport Aviation Expo

Cessna Pilots Society

Drone Nerds

Gulf Coast Avionics

Tim Riggs Real Estate

AOPA You Can Fly

Tampa Bay Aviation Association

Video Of The Week:

AOPA Introduces Peter O. Knight Airport

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