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ACP145 CFI Schools, Changing Careers, and Are Low Minimums A Red Flag?

Welcome to the Inspirational, Informational, and Transparent Aviation Career Podcast. In this episode we answer your questions regarding CFI schools, changing careers, and low minimums a red flag.


AerospaceScholarships.com 2018 will be published in September. We are moving to a purely electronic book version with links to current information online in the future.

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The new studio is almost open in Lakeland. We will be moving in the middle of July and will have a meetup soon after at KLAL.

CFI schools, changing careers, and low minimums a red flag:

  • Looking into accelerated CFI training programs, questions about where to go and recommendations
  • Feedback from an Air Force Veteran using my GI Bill for flight training
  • Would Medivac or Air Evac flying Leer Jets help with my career and building time?
  • Working at a great job flying a KingAir, dispersing sterilized fruit flies low to the ground next to a mountain

Pick Of the Week:

https://valeri-aviation.thinkific.com our new membership learning program.

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