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Are You Prepared For An In-flight Fire? Stuck Mic AvCast Episode 114

Pre-Flight Checklist:

Carl, Tom, Paul, the other Tom, Russ, and Eric are all on this episode to discuss how to be prepared for an in-flight fire.

Eric announced that Polk State University recently had their first hiring visit from Express Jet, which gave conditional offers to seven of his students. Eric also announced that he actually got to get in an airplane today for some observation in a 172.

Carl announced that the 2016 edition of the Aerospace Scholarships guide will be out shortly on Amazon.

Paul has been mentoring a friend named Doug that recently completed his private rating in 12 days, and then went ahead and finished his commercial rating.

Tom Frick announced that he recently taught a student named Mark through his private rating so he could fly drones.

Cruise Flight:

  • Carl recently had a flight where smoke was detected in the bathroom of the plane he was flying. He discussed the procedure of the pilot and flight attendants investigating where the smoke is coming from.
  • Eric said smoke and fire is discussed in training, but might not be trained enough for it in a form of practice.
  • Eric said you don't have time to pull out a checklist and flip through it, you must have "immediate action items" that you memorize and do immediately.
  • Paul discussed a fire he had on a flight and how he got back to an airport safely. He said his instructors trained him very well to be prepared for a fire emergency.
  • Paul also discussed another fire he heard about where a crew did not land a plane with a fire because they were going through checklists, not wanting to land overweight, etc. rather than just landing the plane, which ultimately crashed.
  • Tom W. and Carl discussed procedures and equipment for dealing with laptop and phone batteries which sometimes catch fire on a plane and are almost impossible to put out.
  • Tom also mentioned that it's a good idea to practice these procedures in the simulator because when the cockpit fills with smoke, you can't see the controls and sometimes you need to just know where the controls are.
  • Three components to a fire: oxygen, heat, and fuel. If you take any one of those away from the fire it will go out.

After Flight Checklist:

~Picks of the Week~

Russ: FAA Instrument Flight Procedures Gateway-which lists charts and upcoming changes at all airports. You can also create an account to get updates to airports you use.

Tom F: Garmin Pilot- A comprehensive suite of  Android navigation apps designed for GA and corporate pilots

Paul: Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot- A book that explains flight rules and regulations without confusing jargon.

Carl: Fore-Flight- Electronic flight bag and apps for pilots

Tom W: Wind Map- a website that shows wind patterns to help you plan your flight

Carl: Sunset Pub and Grill at Lincoln Park airport- A great restaurant to eat at and watch planes take off and landLincoln Lincoln

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