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SMAC092 Is It Time to Fire Your Flight Instructor?

InstructorCarlPre-Flight Checklist:

You can ask us questions by using our hashtag #asksmac, or by emailing us at Contact@StuckMicAvCast.com, or by calling 347-699-4647 (DIP MY WINGS). Please send us questions or stories about your aviation successes.

Victoria said she no longer needs a special issuance medical certificate!

Eric has a shout out for one of his students named John who earned his Private Pilot's License today!

Eric also said a big "thank you" to Women in Aviation and JetBlue, who paid for four of his students to attend the Women in Aviation conference in Dallas, Texas. You can check out the pictures of John and the students who attended the conference at their Facebook page.

Cruise Flight:

Our topics this week are coming from our Twitter hashtag #asksmac about when to fire your flight instructor:

  • Billing issues
  • Safety
  • Personality issues
  • If they smell bad
  • Lack of integrity
  • Lack of progress
  • Degrading
  • Just a time builder
  • Lack of availability
  • Lack of communication

~Picks of the Week~

Rick: F18 Carrier Landing Lite-a free iOS game

Victoria: Fly Girl by Sheri L. Smith, a Young Adult book about a girl torn between her heritage and wanting to fly as part of the WASPS.

Carl: FAA Wildlife Strike Database- a website for logging birdstrikes and learning all kinds of things by exploring the data.

Eric: Avare- an offline navigational app that allows you to draw on the screen in GPS mode.

After Landing Checklist

Be sure to send us feedback, especially your opinion on the best aviation app for the iPhone 6

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