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ACP038 – Don’t Listen To The Naysayers

2013-08-17 09.11.07In episode 38 we continue to answer listener e-mail with Tom Wachowski. Tom is a corporate pilot who also flew for the airlines and brings a unique perspective to this podcast.

The following are the questions we answer during the episode:

  • I have been pulled away from aviation. What is the best way to get back into flying?
  • Is there a list of the many scholarships and grants available?
  • Where should I land in this vast field of aviation?
  • If I am 28 years old is it too late to get into airline flying?
  • How do I get to the airlines if I am just shy of the ATP minimums?
  • Should I learn how to fly either part 61 or 141?
  • Should I purchase a used airplane for training? Would this reduce the overall cost of learning?
  • What advice can you offer concerning schools for the Flight Instructor Certificate? Should I be concerned about the high failure rate for the CFI?

Links Referenced In This Podcast:

Jonathan was mentioned in episode 36 and wrote an e-book to help people who are aspiring to become AF pilots achieve their dream. The book is called Your Road to Wings: How to Become an Air Force Pilot.

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