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SUN n FUN Radio with Dave Shallbetter; Stuck Mic AvCast Episode 45

SunNFunRadioDeckIn this episode we sit down with Dave Shallbetter of SUN n FUN Radio and get the inside scoop on how it all started, what it’s like to run the radio station, behind the scenes of everything SUN n FUN Radio, volunteering, forgetting names, his fur-babies, and a ton more! Be sure to pay close attention to this special episode and don’t forget to Like It, Share It, or leave a Comment.

And even though our co-host Carl Valeri was once again absent from this show as he was flying the Airbus, he does send his best wishes and can’t wait to join us again.


SURPRISE – It’s April Fools Day! Nothing to see here, please keep moving.

Cruise Flight

Show Notes

After Landing Checklist

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