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Aviation Careers Podcast Episode 10 – How To Prepare For Captain Upgrade At The Airlines, Flying the Embraer 145, A Midlife Career Change.

Ever want to know what it takes to upgrade to Captain at the airlines. Upgrading to Captain is one of the more challenging events in a pilots flying career. The transition to flying as first officer to pilot in command is more than a simple checkride. The process of becoming a Captain takes weeks of hard work and study.

If you are curious what it takes to upgrade to Captain we will describe the process and give you advice on how to prepare for the upgrade training and how to pass your check ride.

Today I am with Len Costa a newly minted airline Captain. Len is also the publisher of The Piot Report.com and is Host of The Stuck Mic Avcast. Len and I discuss:

  • Flying the Embraer 145
  • The upgrade process
  • How to prepare for upgrade training
  • What are some of the common causes for upgrade training failure.
  • Advice on how to prepare mentally for the training and the check ride.

Visit http://www.aviationcareerspodcast.com/10 for show notes and to Subscribe; or click on the image below.

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