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Stuck Mic AvCast Episode 27: Oshkosh Coming, Australian Flyabout, & Flight Of A Lifetime

Welcome back to another episode of the Stuck Mic AvCast! We’ve got a special guest interview today from a brave woman who, at 140 hours of flight time as Private Pilot, decided to embark on the flight of a lifetime as she used general aviation aircraft to circumnavigate the continent of Australia. Join us as we interview Monika Petrillo about preparing for this flight, her scariest moments as a VFR-only pilot, and inspirational stories about seizing the day and living life to it’s fullest. But first, a few house keeping items below.


The Dayton Airshow is this month on July 7-8, 2012 and includes performances by the US Navy Blue Angels. Find yourself in one of their premier, air-conditioned, catered tents and enjoy the airshow in the lap of luxury.

Secondly, a reminder (as if we could really forget) that EAA Airventure 2012 in Oshkosh, WI is at the end of the month from July 23-29, 2012. This airshow requires no introduction as it’s the largest in the WORLD. If you’ve never heard of it before then you may be living under a rock. Our Stuck Mic co-host Victoria Neuville will be there all week staffing the Aviation Insurance Resources booth so make sure to stop in and catch a photo with our favorite sassy redhead! Also, co-host Carl Valeri and Len Costa will be wandering the grounds on various days of the event so keep a look out for the guys in Stuck Mic AvCast t-shirts.

Last is the Arlington Fly-In and Sport Aviation Convention located in Arlington, WA from July 11-15, 2012. Not just a fly-in but also vintage aircraft rides, air show performances, pilot workshops, and more so you should check that out, too.

And now onto the show!

Cruise Flight

After Landing Checklist

~ Picks of The Week ~

No picks of the week were included in this interview episode. Of course we would like to support our guests product Flyabout : Some Things You Can Only See From Above.



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