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Citrus Aviation Association : Aviation Advocacy At Its Best

The Citrus Aviation Association is a wonderful example of how grass roots advocacy can have a positive impact on the aviation community. Last night I was the guest speaker at their monthly meeting. The members of this should be applauded for their sincere effort to promote aviation and their dedication and hard work at keeping the aviation community alive.

The business meeting came first and I was impressed by the brevity and relevancy of their discussions. These folks cover many topics in a short meeting.

There are two things about this organization that really stood out in my mind. First, they have a website with local information which promote their community. There is an informational page on the website full of local activities including activities you can enjoy for a day or for a weekend. For most of us this is why we became pilots, the adventure of finding new places and discovering new people.

Second I love the idea of “the fill a seat program”. As pilots we enjoy sharing our flying experiences. The fill a seat program offers those interested in flying or pilots looking to fly with another person the ability to place their contact information on the website. So if someone wants to go flying and bring a guest along they simply can go out to the website and see who is interested in flying.

The Citrus Aviation Association is grass roots aviation advocacy at its best. Their advocacy takes flight through community outreach programs, open house events, and introducing students to flying. Citrus Aviation Association also promotes aviation on a local level by giving a clear view of how the airport is important for the economic viability and safety of the community.

I really enjoyed speaking to the members and guests of the Citrus Aviation Association. I will be returning soon to give my presentation “Instrument Flying : Tips and Tricks”. I’m excited about the prospect of returning.

Below is the video of the presentation I gave last night “Fatigue : Recognition and Prevention”. Click “here” for notes on the presentation and links to how you can obtain your FAA Wings.

Watch the video of my presentation at the Citrus Aviation Association. For links on how to obtain Wings Credit for This course Click Here.

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