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Join Us For Fly it Forward At “The Most Female Friendly Airport in The World”

I'm excited to be volunteering at the Women Of Aviation Fly It Forward Event at Frederick Municipal Airport in Maryland. Female pilot numbers are steadily increasing but still only represent six precent of the total number of pilots. We need to promote more women in aviation to keep the aviation industry viable.

The Fly It Forward Event will introduce women all ages to aviation through introductory flights. There are also many activities and some some great guest speakers including Sarah Fraher of the Discovery Channel's Flying Wild Alaska. Sarah will be speaking to potential aviators about learning to fly and being a bush pilot in Alaska. I’m also excited to listen to aerobatic pilot Jane Wicker who will speak about her Stearman and aerobatics.

To view a full list of the events visit Fly It Forward. Check out the promotional video at the top of this post to learn more from the promoter of this event Victoria Neuville, co host of the Stuck Mic Avcast.

Watch a live broadcast of the event below or click here for the online channel.

Live video from your iPhone using Ustream

For More Information:

Woman Of Aviation Fly It Forward

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