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A Step In The Right Direction: New Flightcrew Member Duty and Rest Requirements

The new flight crew member duty and rest requirements published by the FAA is a step in the right direction for pilots flying passengers under Part 121 rules. Pilots not affected by this ruling such as cargo operators, charter, personal, and corporate aviation need tools to combat fatigue.

I recently produced a video to help you recognize and manage fatigue and hope all pilots will review it, especially since the FAA rest requirements are affective two years from now. Remember as pilots we are on our own to combat fatigue. Although the new ruling is a step in the right direction, pilots need to asses their own condition to fly and not fly fatigued.

Video: The Fatigued Pilot: Recognizing and Managing Fatigue:

For More Information:

Download FAA Part 121 Crew Rest Final Ruling

Fatigue Countermeasure Training - Earn Wings Credit from FAASafety.gov

Basics of Aviation Fatigue - Advisory Circular AC 120-100

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