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Stuck Mic Avcast Episode #3 – Believe What You See, Class C Airspace, & Pilots With Disabilities

There were a lot of topics covered in Episode #3 and the show ran about 1hr 20min in length. BUT, it’s chock full of golden nuggets about Staying Safe in the Traffic Pattern, Class C Airspace, Pilots With Disabilities, and a whole bunch more! So stay tuned to the whole episode because it’s worth it.

The full topic list includes:

1. Believe What You See, Not What You Here – Staying safe in the traffic pattern
2. The 3 Tenants of Radio Calls
3. Operating at Non-Towered Airports
4. The Effects of Pilot Fatigue
5. Transitioning to Visual Approaches
6. Students and Pilots With Disabilities – ChallengeAir.com, WheelChairAviators.org, DeafPilots.org
7. Merits of a Thorough Pre/Post-Flight Inspection
8. Practical Guide to Operating in Class C Airspace
9. The ILS Breakout

And now for our picks of the week – this is where each of the co-hosts shares an aviation related product, service, or website they’ve used, found helpful, and recommend to you.

Rick – USairnet.com – forward looking weather planning
Carl – The Pilots’ Guide to the Airports of Historic Massachusetts
Len – Electronic Logbooks – Logten Pro and LogBook Pro

Listen Now:

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